Healing Consciousness to Heal Life


Inspirational events, books & seminars. Audiobook and web-marketing video/audio for inspirational authors. A Course in Consciousness, for those looking for deep, guided meditation for healing and for allowing the soul to blossom.  


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 Unique & Inspiring Events

Sedona, Arizona.

 Books & Online Course

on Soul-Healing

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"Michelle is down to earth,

open, compassionate and a

tireless crusader in her spiritual

journey uplifting others along

the way.  Her retreats are a work

of passion and a feast to anyone

who truly wants to explore their true selves." 

Hema S. Vancouver 



 "I can say each and every exercise

was a gift of power which you helped us

to seamlessly integrate into the fiber of our

selves. Many thanks!!"

Joanie B.





 "Since then I have experienced more peace

and awareness than ever before and have

noticed that several blocking energies and

habits have been released.  I unreservedly

and lovingly recommend this process to

anyone in need of transformation or release

from grief or some other trauma." 

Gabriel K.

Ohio, USA




 "The Creating Forward workshops are truly

revolutionary. The experience reached into

my heart and confirmed what I already

knew in my deepest and wisest self.

This workshop series is not an intellectual

exercise, but takes you directly into the

reality of what is possible. There are no

superlatives that fully express what

Michelle has done."

Bruce D.





 "Michelle swiftly guides us deep within

ourselves, propelling us into the vast

timeless universe where there is endless

discovery. Discovery of self, purpose,

intention, the Divine. I have never

experienced a process so complex,

easy and immediate, all at once.

Michelle is a genius in our world."

Geri W.





 "Michelle's workshops have brought me

face to face with my deepest fears as

well as up close and personal with my

greatest powers.We are tremendously

blessed to have such a candid yet

compassionate friend who kindly walks

you through the tough places in your

own soul, only to find the true beauty

of your own being."

Frederick J.

North Carolina