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In Step 1 of Creating Forward, being present

in your body while maintaining flexibility is important. 


In Step 2 of Creating Forward we are finding

the source of our inspiration through stillness.

 In Step 3 of Creating Forward, we become aware of unconscious programs that control us and take action from out deepest desires instead of from the program.
 In Step 4 of Creating Forward, we step into our center, the space where our truth is born.
 In Step 5 of Creating Forward, we purify our thoughts, intentions & words.
 In Step 6 of Creating Forward, we align our bodies with our inner vision.
 In Step 7 of Creating Forward, we align with the success that we are, with the simple state of just being, and with our might I AM Presence.



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Has your path been filled with hardships, yet you feel called to an inner, spiritual purpose?

Do you recognize the guidance that points you to your purpose, yet are looking for your next step?

Do you wish to fully acknowledge and accept the gifts & strengths of your soul?

Are you seeking to improve the conditions of life through an inner journey?

Are you seeking to enhance your Reiki or healing practice?

Are you seeking to enhance the healing of your recovery group through practices in consciousness?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this course is for you.