Enroll in A Course In Consciousness  $144

  • 14 Classes with Meditative-Activations up the Chakras
  • Experience the Field of All Possibility Emerging Through You
  • Increase Clairvoyance & Field of Perception
  • Heighten the Energetic Effects by Participating in a Group!
  • Each Activation is an Energy-Healing Session
  • Download link sent to your e-mail
  • Personal 30-min Q&A session at beginning of course

 Learn about A Course In Consciousness Coaching, which includes multiple psychic readings, by clicking 'read more' below.


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A Course In Consciousness Coaching includes three 90-minute psychic readings over 12-months while taking the course.

This option is especially helpful for those seeking inner healing, closure, a rebirth, an understanding of past lives and how they have affected the current lifetime, and for those seeking psychic and healing development tools.

This option is wonderful for those choosing to become a practitioner and wanting to increase the hands-on-healing or Reiki Master skills.

You'll go into deep meditation during each course and receive the activation. You'll then wait a minimum of two weeks while you allow the universe to organize an awakening and reveal to you what you desire to know from the first activation. You will continue until the visions or awakenings are so large or new to you that you will be ready for your first psychic-reading session with Michelle Faith Lucas over Zoom or the telephone.  This will continue at your pace until all 14 lessons and 3-psychic help sessions are completed.

You'll experience a rebirth of the mind, renewed hope and understanding, and more vivid visions! Hope and renewal will be yours.

For a free 30-minute consultation, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.