44-Card Oracle Deck

The 44-card Creating Forward Oracle Deck is powerful and a wonderful tool for any experience level.  With the meanings written on the cards and images to dive deeper into the answers to your questions, this deck is both simple and in-depth, while focusing on higher consciousness and the power of self-transformation. Try your 1st Creating Forward deck today!  $29.95


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77-Card Oracle Deck

The 77-card deck includes most of the cards from the 44-card deck yet has a unique power. Extra cards help you to zero in on the answer to your questions through a color-coded system to guide you to the root cause of any issue. We highly suggest purchasing this deck as a set with the Creating Forward book on Self-Transformation, In Every Soul is a Song, which contains example oracle spreads on the topic of self, relationship, and purpose to assist you in interpreting your oracle spreads. Also, the book includes Michelle's near-death experience, which is the origin of these oracle decks, and in-depth explanations of the cards and the dimensions of our being which are indicated by the color-coded cards. This deck is a powerful tool in the art of self-transformation!


This deck is available September 22, 2021 and comes in a wood box.

The heart of this 1st example is that she is holding on too tightly to someone in her heart. Once she grounds her soul into her body, she'll begin feeling safe and it is this insecurity that is blocking her ability to receive the relationship that she desires. She's wanting an apology or a resolution, as indicated by the 2nd card. She will get what she desires as long as she focuses on what her higher self is pulling her forward to complete, which is to liberate herself out of any emotional distress and to transform her consciousness into joy. Her outcome will be landing that soul mate. She'll receive a message soon regarding this matter (3rd card).

The heart of this 2nd example is that her heart is hungering - possibly missing someone or hungering for the money in which she asks - yet, this is what is blocking her from receiving abundance. In her heart, she's separating herself from receiving the abundance. She must remember that she's not separate from the field of abundance or from the person whom she misses. She needs to heal this consciousness to sustain the capacity to receive abundance! Both the basis of her question (1st card) and the higher perspective (7th card)  are purple, indicating that her work involves higher energy and wisdom that isn't rushed or controlled but instead being orchestrated by her higher self. Focusing on healing with her voice while doing psychic work is emphasized and her next step will be to embody vigor before moving on to receiving the abundance she is looking for.

The heart of his issue around abundance at this time is a need to heal the shadow attached to his heart. This wound keeps him from being fully grounded and especially involving speaking. If he were fully grounded, the Groundedness card would be in its natural position - the 1st position. The basis of his abundance situation today is karmic and it's time to act as if he's already abundant and free to shift this wound. Also, if his thoughts are going back and forth (position 6) as the Trickster does, then this is not helping him stay focused on the long term (Sustenance). The Trickster also means that life is tricking him to go in one direction to first sustain inner wealth before going in the direction that will give him the outer wealth. The outcome of his current vibration is getting him to be a strong communicator, likely in a manner that counsels people. Since a Higher Self card is in its natural position, he is being pulled forward to soar like an eagle and speak from this perspective, possibly teaching others to not qualify anything as right or wrong.



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Oracle Spreads

Get in touch with your inner intentions & vibrations that are creating your current circumstances with this spread, The Four Directions.

Always start in the East, placing the next cards as ordered in the picture.



More Info on Card Meanings

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