The 77-card deck comes complete with the Creating Forward book on Self-Transformation, In Every Soul is a Song, which contains many oracle spreads on the topic of self, relationship, and purpose self-transformation. This deck is an extension of the 44-card deck and contains 38 cards from the smaller deck.


It's wonderful to own both decks because by doing readings with both decks, you'll soon discover the strongest messages for every question when repeats in card titles and/or colors occur.


The first in the series of Creating Forward books, included with your 77-card deck, dives deep into the many dimensions of our being, from physical and emotional, to visionary, inspirational, and purely spiritual. It helps the reader to balance, strengthen, and protect the auric field while also stepping into the inner purpose that brings them joy & uplifting energies.


Publication Date:  November 22, 2021   $59.95

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 In Every Soul is a Song Cover