Sedona Gift Boxes


Metaphysical Journey Gift Boxes Curated & Blessed in Sedona, Arizona

A New Theme, Lesson, and Meditation Each Month along with a Variety of Curated Items to Enhance Your Journey.

Starting at $39.92 per month!



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 Self-Discovery, Shifts to Higher Consciousness & More with Monthly Lessons &

Access to A Course In Consciousness with a 3+Month Subscription




Detailed Description: A Course In Consciousness and Oracle Decks Included

Metaphysical boxes with channeled lessons, books & meditations heighten intuition & the energy-body. A new variety of curated items from Sedona, Arizona each month enhances your journey. A $1300 retail value, a 9-mo subscription includes a psychic reading and so much more! Enhance your vibration with these monthly insightful variety boxes!
  • Monthly themes with coaching & meditations on energy-body healing & raising consciousness to align with your authentic and powerful self.
  • A surprise variety of curated items from Sedona, Arizona every month to assist you on your metaphysical journey. Items may include books, crystals, gemstone jewelry, hand-crafted bath or beauty products, aromatherapy products, candles, smudging items and much more from artists, psychics, and healers.
  • Over $400 retail value, a 3-month subscription includes A Course in Consciousness download for any of your devices. It is a deep, guided-meditation journey into the soul of each chakra (dimension of our being) to assist in awakening your original & enlightened consciousness.
  • Over $700 retail value, a 6-month subscription includes a 44-card Creating Forward Oracle Deck that is very easy for anyone to use.
  • Over $1300 retail value, a 9-month subscription includes a psychic reading (via phone or in-person) and a 70-card Creating Forward Oracle Pack with guide book in addition to all of the high vibration items included every month.


Listen Here to an Example Channeled Theme Lesson and Meditation

What is the true root of patience and does the soul believe that patience is required?