Michelle Faith Lucas is a lifelong medium, Usui and Karuna┬« Reiki Master, Author, former Researcher, and founder of the para-consciousness healing technique, A Course in Consciousness. Her readings are for shifting life to joy and not for entertainment and are available via phone or in-person in Sedona, Arizona.

Psychic healing sessions take the recipient to the consciousness in the many dimensions of their being that hold onto resistance and old programs that keep Source from taking over and healing life. Sessions give the recipients the opportunity to release the consciousness while they receive higher-dimension life force energy. For long-term issues, 10 sessions are recommended with rates greatly discounted (pre-payment required). Sessions are offered over the phone (USA and CANADA)  and in-person most days of the week until 2:00 pm Arizona Time.

Shifting our vibrations, our state of being and health, and our ability to receive the best opportunities in life begins with calling our souls back and establishing peace inside our beautiful beings. Our outside worlds are a reflection of our inside worlds. Psychic soul-retrieval, shadow-healing, and past-life regressive are often the results of sessions.






$85.00 per hour

$52.00 per hour with 10 sessions paid in advance


New clients get a free 30-minute session to understand the process and to discover if further sessions are right for them.

Free sessions are available at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm EST (8:00 am and 10:00 am MST) Wednesdays and Sundays.

Group sessions are also available. Please inquire with your number of guests via e-mail.

To schedule an initial or a full session, please e-mail:

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 Sedona Church on the Red Rocks Psychic Healer