I especially loved the horses!

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience at Creating Your Master Path! Such wonderful people with unique talents and lessons to share with me and I especially loved the horses! [Those] two days, my soul jumping out in bliss! I'd immediately be in the moment without thinking or trying.  What a gift!  Love & Gratitude. 

N.V.M.  Sedona, AZ  2016

Brought me face to face with my deepest fears & greatest powers

Michelle's intuitive insights have moved me into such a realm of comfort with my own personal being that I am able to now freely see the joys in all forms of religious expression. Michelle's "Creating Forward" workshops have brought me face to face with my deepest fears as well as up close and personal with my greatest powers. We are tremendously blessed to have such a candid yet compassionate friend who kindly walks you through the tough places in your own soul, only to find the true beauty of your own being... "

Frederick James
Pastor, Durham, NC


"The Creating Forward workshops are truly revolutionary. The experience reached into my heart and confirmed what I already knew in my deepest and wisest self. This workshop series is not an intellectual exercise but takes you directly into the reality of what is possible. There are no superlatives that fully express what Michelle has done. All I can say is, Thank You, Michelle!"

Bruce Davis
Japanese Reiki Sensei and Practitioner, Cincinnati, OH

I was able to freely express all

"Thank you for creating this beautiful plan for facilitating our births.  Every moment was filled and contained by the sacred.  In giving us these safe spaces, we were able to be free - I was able to freely express all."  Emily Ouillette


Innate Wisdom

My experience with Michelle Lucas is one of awe. She has an innate wisdom that she seems to access effortlessly. Michelle swiftly guides us deep within ourselves, propelling us into the vast timeless universe where there is endless discovery. Discovery of self, purpose, intention, the Divine. I have never experienced a process so complex, easy and immediate, all at once. Michelle is a genius in our world.

Geri Whaley, PhD
Entrepreneur, Psychologist
Sedona, Arizona

Unreservedly and lovingly recommend this

"I came to Michelle and her group in a state of desperate and desolate grief after the suicide of my soul mate. After a series of sessions with Michelle, Renee, Duane and Swraj, I was able to tap into the infinite power of Divine Light to transmute this seemingly fathomless darkness into radiate healing and soul expanding insights. I was also able to make peace with my soul mate, helping her journey into the Light. Not only did Michelle and her team quite literally save my life, they facilitated its transformation into something so much more than it was. Since then I have experienced more peace and awareness than ever before and have noticed that several blocking energies and habits have been released.  I unreservedly and lovingly recommend this process to anyone in need of transformation or release from grief or some other trauma."  G.K.

Once in a Lifetime Experience

Michelle is an amazing woman who speaks from her heart (and soul) and is passionate about helping people find their true path and purpose. She is down to earth, open, compassionate and a tireless crusader in her spiritual journey uplifting others along the way.  Her retreats are a work of passion and a feast to anyone who truly wants to explore their true selves.  She keeps the group small so that there is individual attention and time for each one.  She chooses the most sacred and powerful energy vortexes in magical Sedona to enable the participants to experience the high frequency vibration and energy.  The retreats are designed to give enough time for guided facilitation as well as self reflection.  She also has the innate ability to identify and bring together other amazing healers so that all modalitites of healing and nourishment to the soul can be experienced in a holistic way.  It is a blessing and an honor to be guided and work with Michelle and I can say from my personal experience that there is a definite shift and transformation as well as greater clarity in my life.  This is once in a lifetime experience and I highly recommend it to all no matter where you are at." 

-Hema  Subrahmanyam   Vancouver, Canada